Book Review: There Goes the Bride

Houston socialite and oil heiress Delaney Cartwright has already postponed her upcoming marriage to Dr. Evan Van Zandt twice, her family isn’t about to let her get cold feet now. However, Delaney wonders what’s wrong with her as she just doesn’t feel a spark with her good-looking childhood friend. Spying a 300-year-old wedding veil in a second hand shop, it’s love at first sight and when Delaney touches it, she sees the image of the man she will marry, only he’s not Evan but a dark-eyed stranger she’s never met. The haunting image puts wheels in motion for a staged kidnapping at the alter and will reveal the lie Delaney’s overbearing mother has been living for over 30 years. Delaney discovers that missing spark in the arms of detective Nick Vinetti, the man revealed by the antique veil but before Delaney can grab a different future, she will have to grow strong enough to confront family, fiancée and a genuine kidnapping.

First of the Wedding Veil Wishes series, this is an upbeat romp through a well used storyline. Good character development assures a dislike of Delaney’s perfection obsessed mother, sympathy for her father and an undeniable chemistry between Nick and Delaney. The complete overhaul of Delaney’s parents personal lives weakens the overall story with its improbability even if it makes for a sweet ending.

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