Book Review: The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach

Confirmed grumps look away now, this is the best laugh-out-loud funny piece of satire you are likely to come across and what’s more, it pokes fun at those incredibly annoying “perfect” people everyone secretly hates. You know the type, the composed troop leaders, the over-organized mega-scrapbookers and those borderline anorexic wives with the prefect figure who wouldn’t dream of having their kids contaminated by a hotdog. Allison and Perry rip on them all with equal impunity. The chapter titles alone are enough to trigger chuckles as they serve up gems like “The Husband Who Believes You Can’t Paint Over Wood” or “The Husband Who Doesn’t Ever Want to Open the Refrigerator Door Because that Would Be Wasting Energy” who’d spend $154 for a new car battery to save $8 worth of electricity. Don’t be deceived though, this isn’t about guy bashing as “The Woman Who Puts All Her Photographs into an Album the Same Day She Gets Them Back” and “The Perfect Halloween Mom Who Carves Forty-three Pumpkins in the Image of the U.S. Presidents” and many more, all get their moment of flame. Kudos to the authors as they allow us to sit back with our Diet Cokes and enjoy the lighter side of “perfection”. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.