Book Review: The Wise Man’s Fear

Rothfuss’s sweeping follow-up to The Name of the Wind released in 2007 is well worth the long wait as it continues Kvothe’s life story as he recounts it to Chronicler. Although Kvothe appears to be nothing more then a simple, soft-spoken innkeeper, he has led a remarkable life. An orphan, Kvothe took a term off from his University studies thanks to his sponsor, Count Threpe, in order to find a patron. Instead, Kvothe becomes embroiled in treachery, searches for a pack of bandits in Eld’s northern forest and encounters Felurian of the Fae. He spends time in Felurian’s realm learning its secrets and remarkably, lives to tell the tale. Through his many adventures, Kvothe continues to search for a way to bring down his parents killers, the frighteningly powerful Chandrian. As evil mounts and rumors of war draw ever closer to Kvothe’s humble inn, it seems clear he has another important destiny to fulfill.

The introduction of more characters, further world development and a broader scope make for an excellent addition to the Kingkiller Chronicles. The numerous coincidental meetings, an anticlimactic ending and Kvothe’s arrogance can be forgiven when placed in the context of this supremely spun fantasy tale that is certain to become a classic while leaving readers anxiously awaiting the conclusion.

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