Book Review: The Waxman Murders by Paul Doherty

Doherty has surpassed himself again – a brilliantly plotted, informative history mystery which is positively unputdownable until the last page is read. It marks too a welcome return for his legendry hero, Sir Hugh Corbett. In 1300, an English privateer named The Waxman was trapped and overun by powerful warcogs and its previous cargo – the casket with a ‘Carta Mysteriosa’ goes missing. A representative of the Hanseatic League comes to negotiate with Corbett  about the maps. But is it the real map giving acess to long hidden treasures in Suffolk?

When the German traders are all assassinated without the map being stolen, the stakes get higher. Corbett has to find the murderer before the murderer finds him. The truth lies deep in the past and no one is quite who they seem. One of the best books I have read for a long time – entertaining, challenging and a wonderful read.

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