Book Review: The Voice

Music storeowner Charlie Madison’s quiet life is thrown into turmoil when his niece, with several men in hot pursuit, runs into his shop. Following her parents instructions, thirteen-year-old Jazmin Lutzer ran to ex-Special Forces agent Charlie after they were kidnapped. It soon becomes apparent that several groups are trying to get their hands on Jazmin, probably to use as a tool to pressure her parents into surrendering the location of their life’s work, a computer program capable of recording the actual voice of God. The different groups including religious fanatics looking to protect their interests want to gain control of the program and the potential power it wields. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. It falls to Charlie, a burnt out shell of a man after the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, to safeguard Jazmin, locate and rescue her parents and prevent the program from falling into the wrong hands. However, in this globetrotting, high stakes game of life and death, separating friend from foe becomes increasingly difficult and nothing short of the voice of God is likely to stop it.

Myers has penned a thought provoking, lightening fast thriller that will stay with readers long after the last page has been turned. The plot is refreshingly different and the subplots of conflicting yet powerful special interest groups keep one guessing.

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