Book Review: The Tiniest Tiger

Charmingly simplistic watercolors illustrate this children’s book that seeks to enlighten young minds about the plight of the world’s endangered big cats as they follow the story of lost kitten searching for her home. After wandering into the zoo, the little kitten tours the assorted cat enclosures where she learns a little about the characteristics of tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars, ocelots and other big cats. Vital statistics about each animal are presented via the vehicle of zoo signs that spell out the cat’s endangered status, size, lifespan and home range.

Youngsters will enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing about the big cats while parents this read aloud and hopefully, imbue a new generation with an appreciation for the wild creatures that share our world. A portion of the proceeds from this book goes to the Conservation Fund of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to be used for endangered cat projects worldwide.

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