Book Review: The Starlight Conspiracy by Steve Voake

An unusual children’s story involving aliens, terrorists and the FBI – and in the midst of it, two children with nowhere to go. Fourteen year old Berry has lived an idyllic life as a traveller until her mother dies. Social Services want her to go to a conventional school and live with foster parents. 

Then Berry finds a hidden present from her mother – tickets for Glastonbury music festival, followed by flight tickets to the US. At the same time, an old man entrusts her with a mysterious package which he claims has unbelievable powers. Berry takes her motorcycle and few possessions and leaves. 

Aided by another teenage boy she meets at the Festival, they escape to America closely followed by terrorists and then the FBI.  Dodging bullets, being hunted through cities and across deserts; Berry and Ell seek to return the package to its rightful owner – whoever it is. 

Very atmospheric, it leaves you sympathetic to the dilemas facing Berry and Ell. The plot line is skilfully built up, creating an escalating sense of conflict which will appeal to any child interested in aliens and conspiracy theories. Will Berry & Ell ever find shelter? The answers are somewhat unusual.

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