Book Review: The Spare Wife

Following her first successful novel Me Times Three, Witchel serves up a fairly mundane look at the rich, famous, vain and bored upper echelon of the Manhattan elite. The once knockout beauty Ponce Morris feels the opportunities of her youth have slipped away as she scrutinizes every new sag or wrinkle. Ever the helpful friend, hostess and confidant, the widowed Ponce navigates social circles with admirable ease.

Ponce first met Babette Steele, the latest conniving young arrival to the elite social scene while managing Jacqueline Posner’s post-divorce party. Jacqueline and Ponce were long time friends trying to put the best spin possible on the old story of bored rich hubby looking to upgrade his trophy wife. Babette made up in determination what she lacked in social graces, counting on her sweet looks to get by. When she discovers Pounce’s involvement with a well-known married doctor, Babette seeks to exploit the situation and make a name for herself no matter how many people get hurt in the process. It is a plan that might just backfire given Ponce’s considerable experience and large circle of friends.

Witchel delivers a world of shallow, appearance obsessed men and women who seem more interested in keeping tabs on each other’s downfalls then doing anything meaningful with their lives. Readers will wonder if this is meant as a light satire or a scathing look at the affluent that falls rather flat. 

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