Book Review: The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp

When Rambunctious Rabbit, the mascot of the Familyland theme park, is murdered while having a surrepptious cigarette within the Rabbithole; detectives Lomax and Biggs have a problem on their hands.

The Lammar studios Рowners of the theme park Рnaturally want to keep everything as quiet as possible and make it hard for investigations to take place. The potential bad publicity  gets even worse when it is discovered that Eddie the Rabbit had a fictious identity and was actually a child molester. Lomax and Biggs struggle to make headway.

Is the murderer attacking a child molester or is it part of a wider attack against the Lamaar Studios? The media are having a field day, and politicians are becoming involved. How come Lomax’s brother is involved and what is the signifance of a videotape made by a dead man? T

his is a story which will appeal to lovers of American cop dramas as it possesses the same laconic style – as well as the frequent swearing. Hefty though and a bit longwinded at times; as the story gets stretched out to over 600 pages.

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