Book Review: The Quilting Arts Book

So you’ve mastered pieced work, made a few quick strip quilt tops, appliquéd pillows and clothing and toyed with fabric dyeing, now put it all together and start creating art quilts. Beginning with finding inspiration in the world around you, keeping ideas in a sketchbook and sampling, learn how to turn rough ideas into workable projects using nontraditional materials. Having learned how to quilt the “right” way, learn how to use glues, paint, frayed edges, layers of topstitching, collage and more.

The basic principles of art and design including balance, form, repetition, color, negative space are well illustrated and covered in sufficient detail to provide would-be artists a sound base from which to begin creating their own pieces. Each chapter ends with a list of techniques to try that reinforces newly learned lessons while encouraging a sense of discovery. The many examples provide plenty of inspiration and promote the “what happens if I do this…” lines of exploration that have expanded the horizon of the quilting arts over the past twenty years.

Bolton’s new title is the next best thing to a personal quilting instructor at your elbow. She demystifies the process of capturing ideas in fabric using a broad range of nontraditional materials including puff paints, water-soluble wax pastels, foil, discharges, computer imagery and paper. This comprehensive study guide will prove invaluable to quilters and quilting groups at every level of expertise.


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