Book Review: The Painted Lady by Edward Marston

A brilliant, engrossing page-turner. Once started you just have to finish it. It really brings to life Restoration London, with the character of Christopher Redmayne able to link the different stratas of life together.

He has entree into polite society as well as links with ordinary people via his friendship with the Puritan constable Jonathan Bale. Although recently married to Sir Martin Culthorpe, Araminta Jewell is being chased by a group of four roués keen to win a wager to be the first to bed her. Then her husband is murdered and French artist Jean-Paul Villemot is accused of the crime. Villemot has been painting her portrait and cannot account for his movements on the day of the murder. Has he too fallen for her charms?

Redmayne is not convinced and seeks to find the truth. Lots of twists and turns, plenty of red herrings keep you guessing as to the identity of the murderer until the very end. Definitely worth reading. For lovers of historical mysteries this is an absolute must.

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