Book Review: The Overlook

Detective Harry Bosch is back and better then ever in this thirteenth of the series, which sees him still recovering from the fallout of Echo Park. Now assigned to the LAPD Homicide Special Unit, Bosch is breaking in Ignacio Ferras, a rookie partner who prefers to be called Iggy. When they are called to investigate an execution style murder staged on a Mulholland Drive overlook, the victim turns out to be Dr. Stanley Kent, an expert in the use of a radioactive isotope for cancer treatment who has access to several hospitals worth of the dangerous material. In short order Bosch’s old love interest, FBI agent Rachel Walling, arrives to take over the case as a matter of homeland security. It appears a couple of militants may have blackmailed Dr. Kent into turning over a bunch of radioactive material capable of being used to manufacture dirty bombs. Bosch finds himself being excluded from his case as the Feds proceed to stonewall him at every turn but Bosch is no shrinking violet and he will do whatever it takes to continue his investigation. While Walling is occupied with trying to foil a possible terrorist plot, Bosch remains focused on bringing the murderers to trial and it is through his efforts the case is cracked wide open.

A fast, short read with the plot seemingly taken from today’s news of national security threats, this suspense novel features a well executed twist that might surprise the most jaded reader and leave them wanting more.

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