Book Review: The Knitting Experience : Book 3: Color

This is the third book in a series that makes knitting fun and approachable. While geared toward the beginner there is a wealth of information and inspiration to fire up the imagination of more advanced knitters as well. Most of the knitting patterns offered are items “real” people would consider creating and wearing.

Well designed layout and presentation along with crisp photography sets this volume apart from the crowd. All the essential information a knitter requires is clearly presented on the opening page of each design. Everything from the style of fit to the level of difficulty, the yarns, gauges, needle sizes, and knitting skills required are all provided in an easy to understand format. Each design is shown in different color ways and sizes allowing the reader to get a good idea what the finished garment will look like along with suggestions on color usage. Additionally there handy cross references to the pages where special skills or new techniques are shown in clear step by step photos that make learning a snap. Many of these are basic but there are some surprises here that will pique the interest of experienced knitters.

Melville presents more then just the usual cookbook approach to knitting as she guides the reader through color theory and pattern design. It’s nice to see segments included that allow, indeed encourage readers to make their own variegated yarns and substitutions with confidence. There’s even an entire section devoted to correcting the inevitable mistakes so grab your needles, rifle through your yarn stashes and dive in, the knitting’s fine.

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