Book Review: The Iron Hunt: Hunter’s Kiss, Book One

From her hairline down, Maxine Kiss is covered in black tattoos that during the day, act as a shield against the hunter’s many enemies. At night, when the tattoos leave her skin to become lesser demons, Maxine becomes fully human thus vulnerable to attack. As the last of the Wardens, humans designed to protect humanity against the eventual escape of seriously evil demons imprisoned long ago, Maxine’s life is anything but quiet.

When her name turns up on the body of a private investigator she never met, Maxine begins looking for an explanation. Meanwhile the veil between earth and the demons is beginning to break down. Although her life leaves little room for love, Maxine and Grant, an exceptional musician with the ability to influence people’s auras, have a nice relationship developing. Grant’s gift and Maxine’s legacy will be hard pressed to defend humanity or defeat the multitude lined up, waiting for their time to stalk the earth.

First in a dark new series, this frequently confusing tale leaves readers with more questions then answers. The action is brisk and one cannot help but wonder where Maxine gets her stamina as she constantly is faced with one challenge or another. The character development adds considerable depth making it worthwhile to sort through the convoluted storylines. Doubtless Maxine isn’t the only one who doesn’t see the full picture, let’s hope the many loose ends come together in Liu’s next entry.  


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