Book Review: The Infiltrator

Take an inside look at ultra-conservative right wing American organizations through Leon’s frequently demented, always entertaining undercover forays. Posing as a Promise Keeper prayer team member Leon attends a gigantic sausage fest for the Lord as 10,000 mostly pot bellied men packed the stadium seats, busily winding in pizza and nachos. As Leon adroitly points out, “it’s like Man Show, but without the fun of women on trampolines…” because women are not allowed.

Learning the ins-and-outs of teaching teen abstinence, Leon soon discovers the educators’ conference is less about teaching teens how to protect themselves and much more about forwarding their religious agenda. He also discovers birth control is one of the leading causes of divorce. Just remember, “Guns don’t kill, having sex with unmarried people kills!”

Leon’s exploration of assorted get-rich-quick schemes is hilarious as he questions what he got for his $34.95 payment to Angelic Creations, especially as his creation looks more like a Hell’s Angel then a heavenly cherub. He next takes on chain letters by paying to do a bulk e-mail mailing which promises big money and delivers one whole dollar. Next, he tackled stuffing envelopes with comedic results including coming up with his own get-rich-quick ploy.

From job hunting with patently phony resumes to faith healing, patrolling the Mexican/US border with the Minutemen to suffering through a time-share presentation, Leon brazens through all manner of situations to gain an inside perspective while adding his decidedly warped sense of humor to the experiences. This is a witty, enjoyable romp through assorted fringe groups that would scare the socks off most of us.

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