Book Review: The History of Lucy’s Love Life in Ten and a Half Chapters

Commitment shy Lucy Lyon yearns for excitement as she goes through the daily grind. She hates her psycho boss, after a two-year relationship is tired of Anthony and frequently escapes by daydreaming about being courted by such notables as Lord Byron, Casanova and other legendary lovers. As fate would have it, Lucy loses her job right after she breaks up with Anthony. Now with a time machine discarded by her boss occupying a better portion of Lucy’s living room and with nothing better to do, she tinkers around and wonder of wonders, gets the machine working. Now Lucy is free to indulge her every romantic fantasy, enjoying the attentions of history’s greatest lovers. What she gets are some much needed life lessons that turn a shallow young woman into a well-rounded adult. Lucy begins to recognize and understand the differences between fantasy and reality, discovering true love was under her nose the entire time but even with a time machine, that discovery may come too late.

Wright has taken the classic time machine story and adapted it into an amusing, upbeat chik-lit with a “feel good” ending. Who knew Casanova was so smart!

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