Book Review: The Giant under the Snow by John Gordon

Will appeal to any child who likes magic, mystery and otherworldly stories. This is a revival of a story long out of print and is well worth reading. Wandering off alone during a school trip in the countryside; Jonk Winters stumbles over a mound of earth resembling a hand. As she gets up she sees a glint of gold – an extremely ornate buckle. Danger soon follows for her and her friends.

The Green Man is stirring from his long rest and is bent on fulfilling an age old quest to recapture warlike power. Can Jonk and her friends defeat the evil that has been aroused? Some help is at hand from a mysterious stranger – but much depends on Jonk’s own willingness to confront the dark.

A gripping story which captures the imagination, making you want to read and read until you have reached the very last page. Jonk is a very believeable character, well drawn and you really want her to succeed.

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