Book Review: The Funeral Boat by Kate Ellis

Compelling reading linking two stories across the ages. When a Danish tourist goes missing, DS Wesley Peterson gets called in. All the evidence points to abduction. Solving the why becomes just as essential as finding where she is now. Is her disappearance linked to the spate of violent robberies that have been taking place locally or is it due to something in her past?

At the same time, the discovery of a Viking skeleton on a Devon smallholding brings in an even older tale which runs alongside the modern abduction. This archeology mad policeman finds some intriguing comparisons. Midnight chases, old hates and ancient traditions make this a well paced read – as does the lively finish amid a Viking renactment!.

Anyone who loves history mysteries alongside good solid detective stories will enjoy this book. An enjoyable read. I look forward to more by this very good author.

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