Book Review: The Food Detective by Judith Cutler

Having sought a new start as a pub licensee and a quiet life in a West Country village,Josie Welford is astounded.

Widow of one of England’s most wanted criminals, Josie Welford has sought a new start as a pub licensee within a quiet West Country village. Unfortunately, the past has caught up with her. Nick Thomas, the new Inspector for the Food Standards Agency is a former policeman who put her former husband behind bars.

Worried about the quality of the meat being supplied to the pub, she changes suppliers on Thomas’s advice. It is a recommendation that does not go down well in the village who promptly shun her. Cars get damaged, unexpected floods, disappearing staff make Josie’s life difficult. And what is the connection with the disappearance of the local vet and a local rendering plant?  Josie refuses to give in to intimidation and starts to investigate.

An entertaining detective story with plenty of red herrings thrown around.  Josie makes a good heroine; feisty, determined and intelligent. The relationship between Josie, Thomas and the police is quite entertaining and also intriguing as you see it developing. The plot is quite complex and reflects the impact of modern concerns about food on a country village. Once started, it becomes irrisistable reading.

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