Book Review: The First Stone

Emma is used to her husband, resident surgeon Sam Colten putting in long hours at New York General but lately it has been harder then usual to cope with. When renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Malik moved from Cleveland with his trophy wife and young daughter to take over the new cardiac unit, he brought along his protégée Suzanne Stitch. Several months pregnant with their second child, Emma must face the insecurities that come with watching her husband enjoy the company of the beautiful Suzanne, a first year resident. Sam sees an opportunity to make a place for himself in the hospital but lying awake at night listening to the ominous sounds coming from Dr. Malik’s apartment directly above theirs, Emma begins to have serious doubts about the great surgeon. The story takes a sinister twist when Emma alerts authorities of her suspicions. Dr. Malik begins to play hardball by jeopardizing Sam’s position and future in medicine. The only way out if the downward spiral may be Emma’s network of friends and the Internet but only if she lives long enough. Dr. Malik has secrets he will do anything to protect and with his money and prestige, it should be easy to get away with murder.

Endowing Emma with a richly detailed circle of friends and Sam with a couple nasty adversaries, Kelman has created an interesting if slightly improbable psychological suspense thriller. The demands of keeping up with an active three-year old and dealing with the long hours of a resident physician while feeling like a blimp ring true enough, it’s the main plot that stretches the point a bit.

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