Book Review: The First 30 Days

Ever wonder why some folks seem able to take change, no matter how drastic, in stride while others respond with depression, anger or outright denial? Bonvoisin did and discovered that accepting change gracefully had everything to do with maintaining a positive outlook, even in worst-case scenarios. Life is about change, we fall in love, lose jobs, become ill, lose loved ones, are forced to move or what-have-you. What is most important is that we remember there are two sides to the coin and with every difficult change, there is a positive side as well. Especially during the first 30 days of a change, it is vital to maintain an upbeat attitude, to accept change rather then fight against it. Towards that end, Bonvoisin provides nine principles to help develop a more optimistic mindset that will make accepting change easier.

Filled with lively antidotes, positive affirmations and writing exercises, this self-help guide makes for interesting reading but contains little new information. The journaling suggestions and uplifting points to ponder will assist those confronted with change but as with any behavior modification, you must want work at it.

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