Book Review: The Chaos Code by Justin Richards

There are some books which inevitably span both children’s and adult sectors – this is one of them. A brilliant book. Very entertaining and challenging. If you like puzzles you will enjoy it even more. Matt comes home from boarding school to discover that his Mum is off on her travels and his Dad is missing. An archeologist, he has left Matt with a cryptic message containing some strange clues.

Seeking refuge with Aunt Jane, Matt meets up with the mysterious Julius Venture – and his equally mysterious daughter Robin. It quickly becomes clear that the only way to get his father back is to find the Hospitaller’s treasure. It is a chase that crosses the world several times, ending in a pyramid deep within the Peruvian jungle.

Is computer magnate Harper really full of altrustic principles or is there something more sinister? And what do Atlantean myths have to do with it? Chased by sandmen, attacked by fire demons and extreme computers; Matt and Robin have a hard time staying alive long enough to solve the puzzles.

Marvellous characterisation, a story line which positively whizzes along and makes it impossible to put down until you have read the last page. A real page turner. Don’t miss it!

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