Book Review: The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion

A wealth of material needed for the average guy to survive the trials of pregnancy is presented in one of the funniest guides you are likely to find. Cleverly disguised amidst all the humor is the latest expert medical advice presented in easily digestible jargon with ample illustrations, helpful charts with invaluable guides to assorted conditions and a range coping mechanisms. The occasional pop quiz, points to ponder sidebars, translation tables and accessible recipes educate and prepare the average Cro-Magnon in how to cope with his cavemate’s needs as well as his own during this very special time.

Armed with this book, new fathers-to-be will be able to accurately decipher what his pregnant mate means when she says, “None of my clothes fit” or “Aren’t you excited my mom is coming to visit?” along with the proper responses. They will learn the Hippocratic Oath for cavecooks which includes “Do no harm to those you serve” and come to appreciate the dilation gauge that presents centimeters in visual terms such as M&M’s, poker chips or buffalo wings.

The only noticeable shortcoming was with the all-important Kegel exercises, their importance was mentioned in a couple of places without going into exactly how to do them. Given the rather detailed information presented elsewhere, it seems a bit strange the authors overlooked this point but of course, armed with the name it is easy enough to google it. Although written for guys, the humor and insights will be appreciated by women as well.

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