Book Review: The Bookaholic’s Guide to Book Blogs

Anyone who believes print is dead need look no further then the internet to see it supports a dynamic community of avid readers who aren’t timid about blogging their opinions. In the first and most certainly not the last book of its kind, the editors have researched the many aspects of book blogging including what drives a person to blog. Who are these people, why should anyone be interested in their opinions, what role do bloggers play in the success or failure of a given title and what does the publishing industry think of them? These and many other aspects of book blogging are explored with examples from some of the most notable voices on the web. Take publicist Shannon Byrne’s blog for instance, she stated many bloggers were more obsessed with the number of hits they received then the quality of their reviews. This blog released a firestorm of response from bloggers around the world, many of whom requested Byrne’s head on a platter, demonstrating how vigorous the online community can be.

Illuminating, often humorous and full of insights from industry professionals, this entertaining look at blogging encourages readers to get involved in the active, vocal and frequently opinionated world of book blogging.

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