Book Review: The Adventures of Songha

This is the charming tale of a most unusual cat. Half-African serval and half-domestic cat, Songha is a rare breed known as a savannah cat. With many of the distinctive markings and physical traits of a serval cat, Songha dreams of running free over the African savannah. Songha chaffs at her confinement and plots a series of daring escapes that indulge her wild nature while driving her doting humans crazy.

During Songha’s first successful escape attempt she outwits a pit bull to become Queen of the neighborhood cats, a title befitting the “African Queen.” After a couple of thwarted escapes and disregarding the advice of Simba her companion, Songha embarks upon another adventure. In a spirited showdown of wits, Songha confronts a coyote known as El Diablo, a predator known to be responsible for the disappearance of a number of neighborhood cats and dogs. When Songha eventually returns to her humans, she realizes that maybe Simba had the right of it and home was the best place of all.

Although written for preteens, this appealing story complete with numerous line drawings, would be a delightful “read aloud” book for young children. Each chapter ends with a summary in a lively poem format. The poem included in chapter eight just begs to be set to Symphony for the Devil by the Rolling Stones, a point that will be missed by the intended audience while getting chuckles from parents.

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