Book Review: That’s Not What They Meant!

Remarkably free of the typical media bias, this intelligent book presents the case that our so-called Founding Fathers were not the figures bombastic politicians or newsreaders like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck would have us believe. Indeed, the very term founding fathers did not become part of the popular lexicon until fairly recently and then, only to further one political agenda or another. Although both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of cherry picking select phrases for their own ends, over the past few years the far right has been taking this to extremes, apparently on the premise that screaming louder then anyone else makes them right.

Austin provides a reality check by examining what the signers of the Constitution actually believed set within the social, religious and political context of the time. Thoroughly researching original writings, most which are readily available to the public, provide a more accurate view of what those visionary men were attempting to accomplish and allow readers to make their own decisions regarding what the founding fathers actually meant. Presented in a readable almost conversational style, Austin’s balanced, solidly grounded arguments reveal long forgotten events that continue to have an impact on government. The voting public elects our political leaders and to make informed decisions. It is important for all of us to ignore the loudest voices telling us what to think and begin doing the homework it takes to elect the best people for the job and this book is an excellent place to start.

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