Book Review: Tassy Morgan’s Bluff

After the dissolution of a disastrous marriage, painter Tassy Morgan sought refuge in the little seaside town of San Andreas, California. Tassy could not possibly have imagined the uproar her humble old beach house was going to stir up as it became the focus of a zoning board with too much spare time. With the death of his wife, Lincoln Ellis walked away from a Hollywood law practice for the quiet life offered by the idyllic town only to find himself drawn into San Andreas’s local controversy. Against his better judgment, Linc offers city council his legal expertise. As Tassy continues to thumb her nose at the town zoning laws, the zoning council led by a dictatorial realtor with aspirations of becoming the next mayor begins making life increasingly more difficult for the rebellious painter. Serious sparks begin to fly as Linc and Tassy struggle to keep their heads amidst nosy neighbors and a city council coping with a serious case of growing pains.

Stinson maintains a light touch throughout this delightful, quick read full of vibrant characters set in a charming, quirky little town trying to find its way. Many older readers will be able to relate to Tassy’s aging hippie approach to life and watching the love story unfold is a treat. This is the prefect vacation novel.

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