Book Review: Sworn to Silence

Painters Mill, Ohio’s new Police Chief Kate Burkholder left the Amish small town as a teenager and now, sixteen years later, she is viewed as an outsider by most of the community she serves. Kate’s closely guarded secret resurfaces when a serial killer begins the ritualized killing of young women in a way that eerily parallels murders that took place years earlier. When the town council decides to speed up the pace of the investigation by bringing in outside help, Kate is forced to collaborate with John Tomasetti from Columbus.

John has no shortage of his own personal demons to deal with including alcoholism and an unhealthy reliance on prescription drugs yet a romance blossoms with Kate as she attempts to hone in on the killer. Plot twists abound in this hard-hitting who-done-it with enough realism and action to hold the interest of the most jaded suspense reader.

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