Book Review: Superstition by Karen Robards

Ambitious reporter Nicky Sullivan is convinced she is on to something big – but it turns out to be more horrific than she expects. Holding a live seance on TV seems like a good idea as a way of solving the grisly murder of teenager Tara Mitchell and the disappearance of her friends. Until, that is, one of the TV staff is lured into the dark on the night of the transmission and killed. Then another murder occurs and it becomes clear that Nicky is in the firing line. Is she the next potential victim? Enigmatic police chief Joe Franconi has mixed feelings about her involvement – especially because of the growing attraction between the two of them. Tension mounts, leaving you desperately wanting to know what happens next.  A riveting read, well written and thought out. Feisty Nicky Sullivan really seems to jump off the pages, demanding your attention.

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