Book Review: Stalked

When husband Eric is found murdered in his study, shot with her police revolver, Duluth police detective Maggie Bei knows she is in serious trouble. Maggie’s partner lieutenant Jonathan Stride knows she didn’t do it but is not in a position to work the case in an official capacity. His lover Serena Dial cannot shake the eerie feeling that she is being watched; something that brings back unwelcome memories of a stalker, but it can’t be Blue Dog as he is safely locked away in prison. Ever since a daring escape during a hurricane, Blue Dog has been plotting how best to get his revenge against the bitch who put him away. A disturbed young woman with an overactive libido disappears leaving behind the message “I know who it is”, the same message Eric had left scrawled in his study. As Stride and Serena begin searching for the missing woman they uncover a world of sick sexual fantasies, rape, blackmail and murder that lead around the country, little knowing a predator is drawing closer to his prey as all trails point back to Duluth.

Freeman’s third book is a solid thriller that will draw the reader in from the very start with rapid-fire action and a well-executed plotline augmented by a series of convincing subplots. Realistic use of the internet coupled with current events and fully developed characters lend a credible feel to this page turner that will leave readers wanting more. 

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