Book Review: Spanish Style

Most people think of heavy, dark wood, often ornately carved with wrought iron grillwork and castings yet as revealed by this collection of five hundred photos, it is so much more. Author Kate Hill, accompanied by photographer Tim Clinch traveled the length of Spain in search of that elusive something that defines Spanish style. Displaying twenty outstanding examples of different architectures ranging from opulent hotels and museums to elegantly furnished apartments, Hill provides historical background while pointing out those distinctive touches that define Spanish style.

Rich colors, subtle interplay of light and shadow, and a shameless blend of architectural styles produce a vibrant celebration of cultural history and contemporary esthetic taste. Bold lines are softened by attention to finishing details as seen in door pulls, railings, light fixtures and beckoning shady patios. As Hill discovered, it is the exuberant blend of history, color and texture with unexpected modern sculpture, wall hangings and glasswork that make Spanish style sing. Anyone interested in breathing new life into their surroundings or learning more about this distinctive style will want to check out this beautiful book that is chock a block full of great ideas.

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