Book Review: Silksinger

After an attack on her grandparents, young Whisper Silksinger is the last of her clan to take over the awesome responsibility of guarding Lord Azazel’s sleeping ember. Azazel was a Djinn, one of the fire elementals responsible for weaving the Tapestry of Creation and that all-important tapestry is wearing thin. Protecting the Djinn is no small task as every devil and evil creature seek to snuff them out. Devils are not the only ones trying to find Azazel’s ember, Hirik a faerie from a disgraced clan seeks to restore his honor by awaking and becoming the elemental’s champion.

As champion to Lord Magruwen, the first Djinn to reawaken, Magpie Windwitch is charged with locating the remaining fire elementals and bring them back to Dreamdark. Fortunately, Magpie won’t be attempting this difficult task alone. She has the help of a dedicated group of crows and Talon, a Rathersting warrior largely ignored by his clan due to a lack of wings. Whisper, Magpie and Talon are fierce, independent faeries but they will prove no match for the evil that has arisen. Assistance will come from the least likely hero while Whisper grows into her talents.

Taylor’s second volume of the Dreamdark series is every bit as engrossing and enchanting as Blackbringer with a great cast of characters facing incredible odds in a
pintsized universe populated by some seriously evil antagonists. The language and compelling storyline draws readers into a delightful if terrifying world where size doesn’t matter and the forces of good and evil balance on a razors edge.


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