Book Review: Shining Moments

In our youth obsessed society the myriad of issues that arise with death are all too frequently pushed aside or buried outright in a monumental act of denial. After learning of her father’s terminal cancer, Weithe was forced to cope with a long-term fear of death and in the process, discovered shining moments of spiritual clarity. Weithe kept a journal of her experiences, observations and insights that revealed amidst the anguish, anger and sense of loss, insights that offer hope in the face of death. She shows how death is a natural process to be viewed as a gift instead of dread as it puts humanity in touch with what is important in life.

Filled with helpful tips on interacting with a dying patient, the lessons to be learned and how to cope on a personal, spiritual level, this is an uplifting guide to finding hope in the face of death. Weithe has done an admirable job of presenting a wealth of spiritual material without pushing religion or being preachy.

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