Book Review: See Jane Lead

In this follow-up to Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, best selling author Dr. Frankel outlines the many reasons women are natural born leaders along with the social pressures that prevent them from achieving their full leadership potential. Differentiating between management and leadership, Dr. Frankel goes on to outline the perceived downsides of being a strong, female leader, what traits followers want from a leader and a series of self-evaluation tests designed to pinpoint personal strengths and weaknesses. Subsequent chapters delve into risk taking, influencing authority, motivating people, leading teams and more. Building upon the examples of successful businesswomen like the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, this informative guide urges women to expand their boundaries by developing their innate leadership abilities thereby having a positive impact in the workplace and at home.

Filled with helpful tips, tests and stirring stories, this is an upbeat look at how women have abilities that are all too often overlooked in a predominately-male controlled society. Although written for adults of all ages, this would be especially helpful to young women just entering the workforce.

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