Book Review: Sebastian Drake Prince of Pirates by Philip Caveney

Fantasy with a difference. Sebastian is not your ideal hero – a bit of a coward, a jester who is not funny and cannot make anyone laugh; accompanied by a talking buffalope and dwarf sized warrior.  

On their way through the forest of Geltane, they encounter shape shifters and earn the emnity of a powerful sorceress – who curses Sebastian and obtains a magical hold over his senses. It does not bode well for their attempts to obtain the fabled lost treasure of the pirate king Captain Calinestra. 

There are ravenous sea creatures, giant lizards and battles a plenty – as well as the repeated appearances of that sorceress bent on causing havoc. Can they ever live to tell the tale? Will Max the Buffalope ever stop moaning? You cannot help reading it with a smile on your face. The tension is there, but so are the touches of humour even at the most awkward or sinister moments. 

This is a book to keep children reading – likewise any adult who enjoys a good fantasy!  It is compulsive reading, a real page turner, you just have to know what happens next.