Book Review: Say You’re Sorry

When Augie Shaw called police to report the murder of Patricia and William Heyman in their isolated country home during one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, suspicion immediately fell on him as he would give no excuse for entering the couples residence. Clinical psychologist Joe O’Loughlin was called in to assist in the investigation which quickly becomes more complicated. Three years earlier, best friends Piper Hadley and Tash McBain disappeared one Sunday and despite desperate attempts to discover their whereabouts, no trace was ever found. When a woman was found dead in a frozen pond, OLoughlin, aided by adroit retired police officer Vincent Ruiz, discover a possible link between current events and the missing teens. As OLoughlin and Ruiz work to connect the dots, Pipers dialog provides a chilling view of a life in hell at the hands of her devious abductor. Her rescue will only come about if OLoughlin and Ruiz can convince the police that the girls are alive and time is rapidly running out.

Robothams latest thriller delivers finely nuanced characters, genuine banter and an absorbing plot that will engage the most jaded mystery fan. The authentic feeling setting and superbly maintained tension will reel readers in and hold their attention to the final page. OLoughlins personal experiences with his teenage daughter allow him rare insight into what the abducted teens are going through. A nicely balanced touch of romance along with just enough twists to be plausible make this tale a real treat and will certainly leave readers looking for more from this promising author.

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