Book Review: Rupture

After a heavy recruitment, Dr. Eli Branch joins the surgical staff at Gates Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee where he hopes to further his study and career. After getting called in on a surgical emergency, Dr. Eli finds his career hopes seriously eroded when Dr. Korinsky, chief of vascular surgery makes damaging accusations against him. The patient, Mortimer Gaston had an aortic device that should have protected him from the kind of blowout that took his life. Partly because he knew Gaston, Dr. Eli attended the autopsy to see what happened. Meg Daily the forensic pathologist found some disturbing results that are just the beginning of a medical nightmare.

Dr. Eli quickly realizes he is being set up for a fall but for what purpose. Regency Biotech International, manufacturers of the AortaFix Graft, have plenty at stake and will go to get lengths to protect themselves, even if it means covering up evidence that the device is deadly. As Meg and Dr. Eli begin unraveling the mysteries behind this deadly implant, they discover secrets that hit incredibly close to home and a misstep could spell the difference between life and death.

Pearson’s debut is a fast-paced medical thriller that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. A cancer researcher and clinical surgeon, Pearson takes you into the medical theater with an insiders touch providing an authentic feel without overwhelming readers with an abundance of technical jargon.

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