Book Review: Real Vampires Don’t Wear a Size Six

Glory St. Claire is finding her life as a vampire no walk in the park. Ever since her longtime boyfriend and creator Jeremy Blade found out Glory made love to shifter and former bodyguard Rafael Valdez, their on/off relationship has hit an all time low. The fact that Glory was possessed by a demon at the time made no difference to Jeremy. In an attempt to ingratiate herself back into the vampire council and Jeremy’s good graces, Glory takes charge of the new fledgling vampire Penny who has serious issues with the young man responsible for her changed circumstances. Penny also has a raging bloodlust and a complicated relationship with her “perfect” sister. As she tries to teach the fashion challenged fledgling, Glory is offered the coveted size six body she has always wanted from none other then Lucifer. Battling demons, sorting out a snarled love life, teaching Penny survival skills and making the right choices keep Glory hopping but how can she turn down the one thing she has always wanted?

Book seven of the Real Vampires series serves up another light, fun chick-lit with plenty of demons, temptation, body issues and relationship woes. With all the subplots and Penny’s issues, the storyline is sufficiently complex without being overdone. Glory’s romantic entanglements remain a central theme keeping fans wondering “What’s next” for this oversized vampire, fortunately there is a tantalizing preview of the next book at the end.


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