Book Review: Rabbit Moon

After long years of studying old manuscripts and numerous field trips, a doctor in China discovers the secret of human longevity. Realizing the potential for its misuse, Dr. Cheng buries the knowledge as China’s political climate begins a massive upheaval. Years later, word of a wonder drug begins resurfacing at a time when old school Chinese military leaders, fearful of changes they see coming, begin inserting moles throughout the medical sector while maneuvering for power.

Overseas, American drug companies are looking to get a jump on the competition while the CIA and Korea have their own agendas regarding the possible medical breakthrough of all time. What emerges is a tense, action packed international thriller revolving around Dr. Cheng’s granddaughter Lili, a resident surgeon at the L.A. Medical Center, who has little connection to her Chinese ancestry. Lili soon becomes a pawn in a far-reaching game where the players are willing to use torture, murder and deception to achieve their goals. What Lili discovers about herself might make the dangers worthwhile but only if she can tell friend from foe and stay alive long enough to unlock her grandfather’s secret.

Betrayal, sacrifice, love and revenge become central themes in this finely detailed, well plotted thriller that keeps the reader engaged to the last. The many characters are thoroughly developed as the globetrotting tale rapidly unfolds to a satisfying climax that will have fans of the genre clamoring for more.

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