Book Review: Protector

Dewey has penned an excellent debut suspense novel with this tale of alcoholic Denver Homicide detective, Jane Perry who is having difficulty resolving the emotional baggage that comes with being an abused child. Recently a family was mysteriously murdered while under the protection of Jane and her partner Chris. The incident left Jane with a damaged hand and a jumble of nightmare images that combine the burning death of the little girl with events connected to a different child, someone she has never met. Jane begins having serious doubts about her sanity, doubts that are furthered by her suspension from the department due to booze and refusal to accept help.

Nine year old Emily Lawrence, hidden in a closet survived the possibly drug related murder of her parents. Traumatized, she cannot remember anything about that awful night but with two spectacular murder cases so close together, the police are desperate to uncover what she knows. After a chance meeting with Jane, Emily makes it clear the suspended detective is the only one she will confide in. When the murderer makes an attempt on Emily’s life, the two must go into hiding while awaiting the return of her memory. As far as Jane is concerned, she has been dead on the inside since she was fourteen and the trials of caring for young Emily compounded by quitting the booze and unrelenting nightmares are becoming intolerable. The past, present and future begin blurring together as danger draws ever closer and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell friend from foe.

A nicely drawn thriller with a few twists of the paranormal to keep the plot interesting without overworking the point, this is a fast-paced journey into the private hell of an abused child grown into adulthood. There is more then enough room for Jane’s career to create more adventures from this flawed, often contradictory heroine.  


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