Book Review: Predators and Child Molesters

Unfortunately, child molesters can be anywhere and as with most threats, knowledge is power. Former LA County Deputy District Attorney Sax has provided parents and caregivers with the information they need to recognize potential predators and talk to their children about this sensitive issue. Using a reader friendly question and answer format, Sax addresses a number of concerns beginning with defining the differences between a molester, pedophile, predator and opportunist. Sax reveals why children make ideal targets, the warning signs of misconduct, how to determine whether a child’s story is credible and what to expect when moving through the judicial system.

Honest and comprehensive, this invaluable guide gives everyone concerned with children’s care and safety the necessary tools to prevent or address everything from the neighbor down the street who gives you the “willies” to inappropriate touch or the worst-case scenario. Definitely a must read.   

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