Book Review: Passion Brands

Ever wonder what drives those wildly successful products like Red Bull, iPods or Camels? Business strategist Kate Newlin examined the reasons for the passion evoked by those name brands that rose to become cultural icons and drew some interesting conclusions into the way consumers interact with a favorite product. Identifying seven key markers that distinguish passion brands, Newlin shows why those products were embraced while others were largely ignored. She demonstrates how marketers can use these markers in today’s competitive business world.

Augmenting her points with simple charts and verbatim consumer quotes, Newlin reveals what went into ad campaigns that launched them to the forefront of on-line dating services and how to apply those same principles to your own business. Simple and straightforward, this is an interesting look at what works, what doesn’t and how to begin building a stronger customer base in todays often overcrowded marketing world. This is a solid, thought provoking read for business owners and ad reps.

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