Book Review: Over Hexed

Thanks to an untested potion, Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell were banished to the backwater town of Big Knob, Indiana to sort out an ADD dragon by the name of George. Although the matchmaking team weren’t supposed to be working any of their usual magic but they couldn’t ignore Sean Madigan’s plight. Women just would not leave the poor man alone and although he had enjoyed their favors as a young man, now that he was older, all that attention got tiresome. When Sean wished he could that appeal, Dorcas was more then happy to work a little magic and grant his request. She had done a bit of scrying and discovered Sean’s would soon be meeting his soul mate. Thanks the spell, Sean finds himself unable to make a positive impression on Maggie, the first woman he has taken an interest in for quite some time. When he discovers the spell won’t wear off for a couple of weeks, he realizes that for once in his life, he’ll have to work at impressing a woman who, has fate would have it is trying to buy the same property he is. As George’s forest borders the same property, the dragon will have to make his presence felt as well, creating quite a challenge for Ambrose.

Thompson has crafted a bright, slightly whacky paranormal romance that should appeal to fans of Katie MacAlister and Mary Janice Davidson with its combination of humor, witches and a nasty tempered dragon.

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