Book Review: One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet by Leigh Radford

You might be a fiber junkie if your yarn stash threatens to spill out of three closets and flood the living room in a riot of color. We all have bought a skein or two of different yarns simply because we couldn’t pass up the bright jewel color, the texture was yummy or the price was simply too good to pass up. Now what do you do with these lovely treasures?

Thanks to Radford’s new book the horizons have expanded beyond hats, although some nice hat patterns are included here. Radford presents some easy felted projects, just perfect for the beginner to get their hands wet so to speak including innovative bowls and a nice clutch bag. The cute as a button baby bib, jacket or hat would be welcomed by any new mother. The bath accessories including a knit loofa would make a nice addition to a special gift basket. There is a hip seed stitch tank top seamed up the center front and back instead of the sides has my fingers itching to grab the needles just for the construction novelty. An assortment of scarves, small bags, slippers and gloves round out this collection of one skein wonders. Each pattern can be completed with only one skein of yarn although several require two yarns knitted together so technically that’s more then one skein.

In addition to row by row instructions, the gauge, needle sizes, finished sizes and yarn requirements are clearly laid out making it easy to get started. Although specific name brand yarns are used the accompanying yardage/weight information is enough to make satisfactory substitutions as befits working from a stash. Just work up a gauge swatch and make adjustments as needed. Clear photography, often multiple shots from different angles add to the overall appeal of this approachable collection which should assist fiber junkies in whittling down their stash enough to run out and buy more yarn!

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