Book Review: Mysteria by Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, P.C. Cast and Gena Showalter

This collection of four paranormal short stories are all based on the unusual residents in the small Colorado mountain town of Mysteria, founded long ago when the demon of self-doubt decided to assist some struggling settlers. The tiny settlement took hold and became a community populated by an assortment of preternatural creatures including witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies and more. Opening with more about that same unfortunate demon high lord who finds himself cast out of hell, naked in the flowerbed of Mysteria’s new pastor, a morsel sweet enough to tempt the Devil’s wrath in Susan Grant’s “Mortal in Mysteria.”

Mary Janice Davidson contributes a disappointing tale of a werewolf in search of his own kind who runs into a different creature altogether in “Alone Wolf.” “The Witches of Mysteria and the Dead Who Love Them” is a slightly different take on the nature of vampires as a stanch vampire slayer discovers himself looking at life from the other side. Filled with witchcraft, assorted demons, the odd werewolf or two as well as a very odd vampire, this is an amusing story by Gena Showalter.

“Candy Cox and the Big Bad Werewolf” from P.C. Cast relates the story of forty year old high school teacher Candace Cox who blames her string of bad marriages, at least partly on her complete lack of magical abilities. When hunky ex-student Justin Woods comes to her aid she is reminded of a friend’s suggestion that she take a young werewolf lover in lue of embarking on the disastrous sea of matrimony yet again. If they can believe in second chances, together they might just generate some magic.

These light, predictable stories are just the ticket for quick summer reading on the run. Although the premise is nice enough, and the stories generally quite sweet, there are few surprises to be found in this collection so don’t expect to be thrilled, chilled or titillated.

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