Book Review: Mind Over Body

Champion body builder and professional fitness coach at Miraval Spa & Resort, Zouareg offers a different perspective on winning the battle of the bulge by putting the power of the subconscious mind to work. His four-step process begins by identifying your core desire through a series of self-evaluation questions that include general health, exercise, fitness level and stress management. Using the power of intention, learn what you fear while reprogramming negative inner dialog, discover the benefits of meditation, visualization and affirmation. The idea behind this practice is simple. The body strives to do what the mind tells it which means if you constantly see yourself as fat; the body makes every effort to comply thus sabotaging diet efforts. Learn how to develop an appropriate action plan that balances the three basic aspects: mind, body and spirit into a schedule that allows time for mental and physical wellbeing. Applying resolve and sticking with the new regime for four to six weeks allows for time for the lifestyle changes to become a set behavioral pattern.

The next section of the book is devoted to proper eating and exercise starting with proper body fat amounts, ideal weight and basal metabolic rate to determine daily caloric intake. The diet program is based upon dividing food intake into a ratio of 40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% high value protein and 20% heart healthy fats eaten in five small meals throughout the day. Special attention is given to eating only when hungry, not because of emotional turmoil. The ultimate workout plan is short enough to fit into busy schedules with a balance of illustrated strength training exercises combined with cardio workouts.

Despite the lack of references to back up the statement that the subconscious mind makes up 83% of our brain mass and is responsible for 98% of perceptions and behavioral characteristics, there is no denying there is a mind/body connection that can be used to our advantage. Zouareg presents a slickly packaged general weight loss and fitness program that is nutritionally sound. Some may find the author’s approach a bit too new age but this addresses some frequently overlooked aspects of the diet game.

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