Book Review: Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton

Federal marshal, licensed vampire executioner, animator, Nimir-Ra, human servant, these are just a few of the hats worn by Anita Blake, a young woman with exceptional power. An early morning phone call sends Anita on a flight to Philadelphia to raise a zombie for questioning by the FBI and she isn’t going alone, Micah her Nimir-Raj will be at her side. As human servant to St. Louis’s master of the city, Anita shares the vampire’s gift of the ardeur which presents a problem when traveling. The ardeur is a sort of hunger which feeds on sexual energy and must be fed regularly to avoid it raising up at inopportune times thus Micah is going with Anita as her assistant. This will be the first time the two of them have been together alone and there’s sure to be plenty of emotional baggage to work through.

It’s nice to see Anita returning however briefly to a role she does so well, that of possibly the most powerful animator ever. After the last three books in the vampire hunter series which seemed to be little more then indulgences in empty sex scenes, Anita actually spends some time working a case. One would think Anita could have overcome her sexual and relationship phobias by now but a great deal of time is given to her dithering about being alone with Micah. This zombie raising would have been just a chapter or two in one of the earlier stories rather then the whole book but at least it’s a start in the right direction and leaves one with hope that Danse Macabre will see more of Anita as “the executioner.”


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