Book Review: Man in the Middle

Wise cracking Lt. Col. Sean Drummond manages to use his phony FBI credentials to crash the scene of an apparent suicide investigation but a tiny oversight gets him busted by attractive military investigator Bian Tran. In short order these two main characters are partnered as they attempt to uncover the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of the victim, high-ranking Defense Department official Clifford Daniels. At every turn the pair face of mounting bureaucracy and interagency road blocks that eventually lead them to Iraq. When the pair discovers Daniels was the liaison to Iraqi exile Mahmoud Charabi, they find themselves over their heads in the midst of a Washington power struggle, the presidency and moral dilemma as layers of secrets begin to unravel.

Haig blends fact with fiction in this rather formula thriller that packs few surprises amidst the dust and grime of desert warfare and political machinations. Still, this is an entertaining way to wile away a few extra hours in the airport.

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