Book Review: Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry: 35 Fabulous Designs by Linda Jones

There have been several beginner wirework publications put out over the last two years, most quite simplistic with a sense of sameness to them or with incomplete instructions leaving the reader floundering, this isn’t one of them. Although many of the designs presented here are indeed simple, such as the Aztec Tree of Life necklace, that is not to say they are uninspired as their lines are clean and classical. Some ideas like the squiggle ring and falling leaves necklace will serve as inspiration and a jumping off point for the creative wirework enthusiast.

Beginning with the tools and techniques before moving on to simple rings and brooches the reader learns how to make wire do their bidding. Basic wire working techniques such as spirals, closures, forming and integrating beads are presented with clear, step-by-step photography. A full page is given to examining the importance of work hardening, an important aspect of metalwork that frequently goes unmentioned. Of special interest is the number of pounded pieces, a simple yet underutilized technique that can set a jewelry design apart from the pack.

The beginner will appreciate the supplies list provided for each project and clear instructions with variations yet the majority of patterns are interesting and unusual enough to spark the imaginations of the more experienced wire worker.

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