Book Review: Living Long and Loving It

Dr. Korr, a long-time advocate for choosing an active lifestyle over succumbing to the lure of the couch and remote control, left copious notes in readiness for his last book before his death at the age of ninety-four. Coauthor Dr. McGovern made extensive use of these notes to demonstrate the importance of seeking health, choosing a healthy lifestyle and living life to the fullest throughout the retirement years. Throughout his later years, Dr. Korr practiced what he preached and was an outspoken advocate for taking personal responsibility for one’s wellbeing. Looking at the body and disease processes from the perspective that everything is interconnected, Dr. Korr encourages readers to become active participants in their healthcare by adding meditation and yoga to their daily routines.

The ideas of continuing regular physical exercise and keeping the extra pounds off well into old age, along with maintaining a positive metal attitude are not new so in that respect, this is simply a rehash of the same hard truths most of us have been ignoring. Although much of the evidence presented is antidotal, the appendixes contain some good reference materials including a comprehensive listing of osteopathic organizations with website addresses. This is a motivational introduction to the basic principles behind taking charge of one’s health in general, the idea of seeking health and approaching the aging process with a positive outlook.

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